Friday, 10 August 2012

Festival Beauty Buys...

So this year I am off to Reading festival! Now I love my beauty products and there are some that I will definitely be taking with me and would also recommend others to take if they are also off to a festival or camping.

Dry Shampoo - I recommend Batiste Dry Shampoo £2.99
This is the best way to keep your hair fresh and stop it from looking greasy when you aren't likely to have access to a shower. Just make sure you don't over use it otherwise your hair will end up looking grey, just spray lightly in the roots and then using your hands brush into the roots and lengths of your hair.
Spray Toner - I recommend LUSH Breath Of Fresh Air Toner £3.95/£7.25
A spray toner is a really quick way to refresh your skin and keep the pores clear from sweat and dirt, this will reduce the chances of getting spots and will also help waken up your face after a long night. Simply spray onto your skin and use a cotton pad to wipe off any residue.
Suncream - I recommend Riemann P20 Sun Protection £13.99
If the sun is out then suncream is vital, unless you want to increase the risk of skin cancer or sunburn. P20 is so good as its sweat & water proof, it lasts for up to 10 hours and because its an oil you don't get any streaks when you apply it.
After Sun - I recommend Garnier Ambre Solaire Aftersun £9.99
If you do get sunburnt the best thing to do is use aftersun, this isn't the most vital of products but I would mostly recommend it to those who get sunburnt easily, even with suncream on. There is nothing worse than that hot burning feeling from sunburn, using aftersun will help cool and relieve that burning sensation as well as reduce the chances of the skin blistering or peeling and help restore the skins health.
Deodorant - I recommend Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant Cream £5.10
You are pretty much guaranteed to get sweaty at a festival from the heat of being in crowds, dancing to music and from the weather if its hot. Nobody enjoys being smelly and you want something that will help for as long as possible. This product is meant to give 48 hour protection and it keeps any smells away.
Body Spray - I recommend Impulse Body Spray £1.99
If you are really self-conscious of smelling or just like to smell nice a body spray is something good to have handy, especially the miniature ones. They are much cheaper than perfume yet keep you smelling just as good!
Facial Wipes - I recommend Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes £3.20
If you are going to wear makeup or just want to keep your skin clean these are the best products to use as they are quick and easy to use and can also be disposed of easily.
BB Cream - I recommend No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream £12.95
If you aren't aware of what a BB cream is its a product which is part foundation part moisturiser but gives more coverage than a tinted moisturiser. You can simply apply this to your skin without brushes and you are less likely to get a line like you would with unblended foundation. It also means you don't need to bring a moisturiser with you because it acts as one for you.
Waterproof Mascara - I recommend Maybelline Colossal Mascara - Volum' Express Black Waterproof £7.19
Wearing waterproof mascara will reduce your risk of getting panda eyes from liquids, sometimes people splash drinks at you, sweat from dancing and heat can cause mascara to run so wearing waterproof mascara would be the best type to wear.
Cheek & Lip Tint - I recommend Benefit Positint £24.50
This requires no brushes, just your fingers so reduces the amount of things to bring with you even if you want to wear more makeup and creates some colour to your cheeks and lips all day long. (There are many other cheaper alternatives but I haven't tried any others)
UV Face/Body Paint and Nail Varnish- I recommend Stargazer Face/Body Paint £2.75 and Miss Sporty Disco Tech Top Coat £1.99
You may as well go all out there with UV paint, create pretty patterns like flowers, stripes and dots to stand out and glow away! When else other than clubbing do you have the chance to mess around with UV paints?
Glitter eyeliner - I recommend Collection 2000 Glam Crystals £2.99
Glitter it up with some glitter eyeliner, its easy to apply and make some more pretty designs, like I said, You don't get many chances to have this much fun with makeup without odd looks.
Hand Sanitiser and Body Wipes 
I would highly recommend taking some of these to keep clean and free from bacteria as you may get a little bit mucky from mud. You don't want to end up being dirty all weekend or getting worms from eating with muddy hands!

Have Fun, Be Safe and Get Creative!

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